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TCD1125 Photo - Click for Larger HD Research Series Logo

TCD Series Monitoring Transcoders

Convert HD or D1 parallel digital video to RGB or YPrPb analog output. DB-15 connector for directly driving multi-sync computer monitors for economical HDTV monitoring.

TXA Digitizing Transcoders

The TXA series units digitize normal and high-definition analog component video signals at user-programmed sampling rates into a TTL or D1-style digital output. Oversampling ADCs and digital anti-alias filtering maximize signal quality. Internal digital transcoders and decimation filters allow conversion between YPbPr and GBR signal formats. A versatile programmable genlock circuit allows resolution-independent capture of input signals with both sync and burst locking. Digitizing of NTSC or PAL signals into D2 formats is also possible.

HD Research Series Specifications

Visualization Series Photo - Click for Larger Visualization Series Logo
  • HDTV Data reformatting/remapping/synchronizing
  • Primitive Standards Conversion
  • Input/Output to elaborate HDTV research hardware

The visualization series was developed to provide input and output capability for a real-time video supercomputer developed at a leading television research laboratory. The original hardware was delivered in 1988. Continual improvement of the system has led to the second and third generation hardware described here. These products are available to customers outside the supercomputing industry. System engineering and design of additional modules is available.

Visualization Series Specifications

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