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Visualization Series Photo
Visualization Series Products

The visualization series was developed to provide input and output capability for a real-time video supercomputer developed at a leading television research laboratory. The original hardware was delivered in 1988. Continual improvement of the system has led to these second and third generation products.


TCD1125 Photo
Image Circuits TCD-1125 TransDAC

A SMPTE-240M to VGA converter for economical monitoring of HDTV on computer displays. It converts HD or D1 parallel digital video to RGB or YPrPb analog output and provides a DB-15 connector for directly driving multi-sync computer monitors.


Filter Response Graph
Desktop Video Encoder

Image Circuits designed the signal architecture, filters, and sin(x)/x correction circuits for this encoder, currently produced as standard product by a major semiconductor manufacturer. Later work led to a companion decoder chip.


HDD-1000 Interface Photo
HDTV Framestore I/O Board

Produced in partnership with a HDTV framestore manufacturer, this product provides SMPTE-240M and dual D-1 input and output. Most HDTV research facilities have at least one of these units.


Video Digitizer Photo
Image Processing Digitizer

A dual-channel high-accuracy NTSC digitizer for a pyramid image processing system. The unit incorporates a Image Circuits proprietary PLL which allows stable pictures in full shuttle mode with VCR inputs.


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