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Television Signal Toolbox

Need to generate analog test signals for video? Use our library of C functions. Color Bars, Pulse and Bar, Ramps, Multiburst, Sweep, even Multipulse patterns are available.

The Engineer's Notebook

Here are some of those little offhand bits of information that can be very difficult to find if you really need them. They are just the results of our work in the video industry and are not meant as published documents. (Before you complain about the quality, remember their price.)

Some Blasts From The Past ...

Transcoding Matrices For Analog Video

Here's a Excel spreadsheet with precise transcoding coefficients for converting from NTSC and PAL to component analog video formats. Also, you'll learn where those values for color bars came from.

NTSC Channel Gains

How did the NTSC committee decide exactly what the scaling factors would be for R-Y and B-Y? Find out in this Mathcad document.

The Making of Sin-Squared Pulse and Bar Waveforms

Ever wonder how those test signal generators make their textbook-quality edges on analog video waveforms? Its a matter of using the right filters.

Watch this space for a tutorial on how to use Gaussian-response filters to make high-quality video waveforms.

Video Format Tables

Here are some tables detailing consumer and professional video formats. They're not exhaustive, but provide an overview of the evolution of video recording and transmisssion. Please let rbleidt at know if you have any corroborating documents or additions.

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