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Image Circuits Capabilities and Equipment

Image Circuits is a consulting engineering firm specializing in the design of digital video equipment for clients in the broadcasting and image processing industries.

Our goal is to provide the functions of a complete engineering department to our clients. We can:

Develop a concept to satisfy a customer's need.

Research technology to validate the concept.

Study the marketplace to specify the product.

Formalize the specification to a system design.

Perform the detailed design work.

Build prototypes of the design.

Test and refine the design.

Document the product through manuals and procedures.

Explain to customers how to apply the product.

...on a fixed-price, guaranteed-delivery project basis or on an hourly billing.

Product Design - Expert knowledge of digital video system design for time-base correction, image enhancement, and computer manipulation. Extensive experience in NTSC, PAL, CAV standards, as well as 1050 and 1125 line HDTV formats. Thorough knowledge of heterodyne and direct-mode video recording systems. Full library of competitive product literature, standards and component data.

Circuit Design - semi-custom logic design through ABEL and Xilinx design software. PSPICE analog circuit simulation. Digital and finite-Q analog design of filters and equalizers using proprietary software and techniques. Schematic capture using ORCAD and Synario. Timing analysis using Timing Designer.

Full Video Laboratory - Complete bench of top-grade Tektronix NTSC and PAL test equipment, professional picture monitors, 400 MHz oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, computers, chip programmers, video-specific bridges and test fixtures. RF impedance bridges, sweep generators, spectrum analyzers.

Prototype Shop - Full inventory of electronic and mechanical components for building prototypes. PACE desoldering, CSW wire-wrapping in an ESD-controlled environment. Mechanical QC bench with surface plate, height gages, dial indicators, angle blocks for inspecting mechanical components.

Printed Circuit Design Workstation - fully integrated PCB layout system to support development through design of multi-layer, surface-mount PC boards. MAXROUTE autorouting using analog and ECL design rules.

Manufacturing Alliances - working relationship with PCB fabricators, PCB assemblers, sheet metal fabricators, graphic designers, screen printers and component distributors. Close relationship with PCB assembly house permits one-day loading of through-hole or surface-mount PCBs. Ability to act as manufacturer for prototypes or pilot runs of designs.

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